Welcome to Happy Minds
Counseling and Consulting!

A haven for developing happy minds.  We specialize in helping angry/anxious/sad children and teens become happy individuals in happy homes.

Is your child having a difficult time with any of the following?

Difficulty focusing at school ?
Anxious in new situations ? Temper tantrums and outbursts?
Difficulty following directions?  Ongoing feelings of sadness and withdrawal?

Or maybe your teen has:

Hard time communicating with you?  Feelings of being outcast or not belonging?
Poor time management and organizational skills?


You just want your child to be happy, but can’t figure out what’s going on?

Rest assured.  Happy Minds is here to help. We connect with children and teens to help improve their lives and your life. We use the therapeutic power of play and years of experience working with children to 1) assess the problem 2) engage the child  3) and offer practical solutions.

Let’s work it out!  Make an appointment!  We are located in the Lake Ridge area, Woodbridge, VA. Call 571-402-2509.