Don’t fall in the trap.

It’s October 2 and there are 2 months more left in the year. And my 1st post- just happens to be centered around yet another sigh, head shake and feeling of sadness. Just last night another mass shooting in the United States. This time – Las Vegas. Tweeter feeds, Instagrams and shocking news headlines flood our timelines. We’re inundated.

So it’s easy to think there is no way out. It’s easy to think that this is what the world is now. It’s easy to fall into the trap. The trap of viewing the world as a horrible place, where gun toting maniacs change lives forever.  Well I’m here to say, it isn’t. It takes a lot more to shake the good people of the world. Look around you. Look at your world. Who was the last person who said a kind word to you? Who was the last person who shared a kind deed? With what kind of people do you surround yourself today?  Yes, the world, and particularly the U.S has its share of maniacs. But your world is what matters. You are what matters. And how do we keep it all in check?  Bring it back to the center.

We look at what is right about our world. We look at ourselves.  We get back to the center of what we know is good. That’s not on the nightly news. That’s not radio.  That’s not always on a Facebook or Instagram . That starts with us. You. Me.

So take a minute and breathe. Breathe in the goodness.  Breathe from the center. And after you stop and breathe, take a minute to share the good in you. Whether it’s a kind word or deed, let’s breathe and be the good the world so desperately needs today.


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