What counseling and therapy is….

In working with children, teens and adults in therapy, there are some things that just continue to come up. And that is – what is therapy really? When I sit down with clients, one of the first questions I ask is..”are you nervous?” And most who have never been to counseling or therapy reply… “yes”.Continue reading “What counseling and therapy is….”

Giving thanks for my family

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I’m from a Southern family where Food is the event. Yes, that’s a proper noun. Turkey and chicken dressing, greens, beans, homemade baked cakes and pies and whatever else you can imagine is always lovingly prepared. But outside of all the delicious preparations nothing compares to the centerContinue reading “Giving thanks for my family”

Parents: Do this 1 thing to build a better relationship with your teen.

One of the reasons I like working with teens is because they seem to have some pretty interesting perspectives. ¬†They often seem to have their own solutions for how life should go. Even if the solution is selfish. Even if the solution jeopardizes their safety. Even if the solution goes against the rules. Home rules.Continue reading “Parents: Do this 1 thing to build a better relationship with your teen.”

How do you know if you have a good relationship with your teen?

Ahhh. The teen years. That very awkward stage right before entering adulthood. Many parents dread their child’s teen hood and many teens dread their parents. It’s a phase when relationships may go awry. Mothers and daughters don’t get along, fathers and sons challenge each other. Communication takes a hit and “attitudes” run amuck. It canContinue reading “How do you know if you have a good relationship with your teen?”

Working with children & teens in therapy

I finally figured it out. I’ve been doing it for years. Like over 15 years. I had never honed in on it before. After taking courses, reading articles, going to CEUs and workshops, I finally figured it out. I have always liked working with children and teens. Over 10 years in private practice and workingContinue reading “Working with children & teens in therapy”